Our Beers

Hops, Malt, Water and Yeast. These are the ingredients our brew master utilises to brew our Scheffel’s beer specialties- obviously obeying the German “Reinheitsgebot” from 1516. Depending on which season it is, we always serve three distinctive types of beers which matured over weeks.


Tangy, tart and with a fine note of hops. Fine hops from New Zealand gives this beer a completely new, innovative hops note. The utilised types of hops “Motueka” and “Cascade” implement flavors of grapefruit and exotic fruits.


Tangy and mild. Scheffel’s Kräusen is a light beer with a fine note of hops and gentle notes of bitterness. It’s unfiltered and stored for up to six weeks. A classic “Helles”, which belongs to one of our most popular beers.


Light and fruity. Top fermentation wheat forms a gentle fruit note. Fine flavors of banana and clove add to the usual beer- bouquet. Combined, this delivers the typical wheat beer- flavor, the so- called “Brimse”.

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