Wirtshaus “zum Seppl”

Take a Seat midst the History of Heidelberg. The Wirtshaus „zum Seppl“ belongs to this town like the castle belongs to the old bridge. Since the late 17thcentury, young students and citizens have met here for social purposes and to enjoy mugs of beer.

Quaint, Rustic and Unique. Your seat is placed by wooden tables featuring old carvings and midst epic photographs, drawings and enamel signs. A tavern- visit just like time travelling- a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Unforgettable Hours amongst Friends. Nowadays, the Sepplis the precious within the ensemble of the Kulturbrauerei. This historical student tavern opens its doors for special occasions, genial celebrations and festivities.

Please note that our Wirtshaus “zum Seppl” can currently only be booked for events. We are at your disposal for event bookings.

Heidelberger Kulturbrauerei